Learn Everything in Revit Structure

We are covering everything in Revit structure from the basics and essentials to various other factors related to Revit structure. We also teach techniques and tricks to create a complete structure model without hassles.

Become a Professional for Tomorrow with Us!

We create professionals for tomorrow in Revit structure, teaching critical aspects and complex models in Revit structure. Our industry-leading experts teach how to handle Revit files and import other files in the document like AutoCAD.

Our future-forward classes focus on learning the basics and advancing with the associated complexities to avoid further issues in the future.

What will we Teach You?
  1. 1. We will teach the complex foundations of Revit, considering futuristic learning.
  2. 2. How to design complex structures and models to analyze and design using different editions in different years.
  3. 3. Exposure of steel and concrete structure
  4. 4. Teaching from basics to advance in Revit Structure.
  5. 5. Utilizing metric dimensions and templates in Revit.
  6. 6. Learn the basics and advance to draw and modify designs in the Revit structure.
  7. 7. How to prepare the project in Revit structure.
  8. 8. How do you create walls in Revit structure.
  9. 9. Creation of structural columns in Revit structure.
  10. 10. The importance of beams and beam systems in the Revit structure.
  11. 11. Creation of floors in the Revit structure.
  12. 12. Learning structural analysis.
  13. 13. Importing CAD files and linking Revit structure.
  14. 14. Creating custom designs in Revit structure.
  15. 15. Addition of new features in the years 2022 and 2023.
  16. 16. The concept of precasting Revit structure.
  17. 17. The advanced concepts of Revit Structure.
What are the Prerequisites to Learning Revit Structure?

Anyone who wants to learn Revit structure without an engineering background can appear for the course. A laptop is required to understand the course, and the learner should possess the basic computer skills to earn in an effective and fast-paced manner. Below is the list of people who can learn Revit structure:

  1. 1.Students who want to learn Revit structure can join the course, even without an engineering background.
  2. 2. Architects, designers, engineers, interior designers, exterior designers and other engineering professionals can join this course to advance their careers.
Why Join Us in the Revit Structure Course?
Industry experience and relevant skills:

We provide real-time industry experience to our students with our talented teachers. Our teachers belong to the relevant industry, providing insights and real-time experience. The industry professionals also develop the appropriate skills in students to make them capable of resolving different queries in the Revit structure.

Professional guidance:

We provide professional guidance to our students with our team of talented teachers. Our professional guidance helps students scale in their careers and boost their performance if they already have some experience and skills related to Revit structure courses. Full-fledged beginners can kickstart with us and make a successful career without an engineering background.

Covering from Basics to Advance:

We are covering everything from basics to advanced for the Revit structure course. We understand Revit's structure from the general to the advanced stage and build the professionals for tomorrow.

Interview skills:

We guide our students to crack interviews with reputed organizations. We develop the fine interview skills in our students to tap into their full potential and unleash their talent.

Practical classes:

We provide practical classes to our students related to the use of Revit structure software and the complicated implications of the software.

Vast curriculum:

Our vast curriculum for the Revit structure course involves everything deeply. We have developed a curriculum that focuses on building designs and models.

Professionally Drafted Curriculum:

We have developed a professionally drafted curriculum. Our curriculum includes PDF files RVT, files, and the crisp information of the Revit structure. So our students can learn the essential information and become proficient in Revit structure with us.

Connect with us and sign up for the course today!

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