Fashion designing

Fashion design is the applied art devoted to the designing of clothing and lifestyle accessories. This art is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has evolved over time and place. As a fashion designer, you will be involved in working in designing of the fabric to actually making it in the initial stages of the career. Fashion industry is a glamorous yet demanding profession. A fashion designer looks at capitalizing the changing tastes and sensibilities of people or influencing them. To be a fashion designer one must have an eye for color, cuts, fabrics, style, shape and should be able to sketch. One should create a wonderful portfolio to land in a very good job. As a designer, the work hours are long and initially the pay is also limited.

Fashion designing involves creation of new designs for garments and accessories to meet the needs of the people with the change of trend. This comes under the part of market research. The scope of fashion design does not limit to designing clothes and garments, it can cover wider areas of design in the field of jewelry, accessories, footwear, luggage, etc. Since the fashion industry is an ever growing field of economy and its growth is the proof of the ever expanding opportunities in fashion industry.

To start a career as a fashion designer, two types of qualifications are required, that is, natural and acquired.

Natural : this skill set would comprise of a decent aesthetic sense, color expertise, good taste and sense of trends and fashion. An eye for detail, knowledge of fabrics and so on is a big plus for those serious about a career as a fashion designer.

Acquired: skills would be a qualification from a fashion Institute. You can enroll for either a full-time course or a part time certificate course. Students usually take these up after their 10+2 level. Not that the courses are not available for graduates or people with higher qualification. There are several short-term certificate courses that are offered by the same fashion institutes for super specialization, on part-time basis. These courses equip you with technical and creative thinking skills.

Scope in Fashion Designing
Fashion Designing is one of the most important areas of work in the fashion industry. It offers a promising scope for financial as well as professional growth. The fashion industry is booming and encompasses a vast field of studies. There are many fashion design career paths for you to choose from. You can get hired as a fashion designer, accessories designer, design production management, quality controller, fashion merchandiser, sketcher, patternmaker, color mixer, design director, marketing researcher or start your own fashion business.

Advanced tools to create and modify designs through CAD, Reach CAD, Reach Fashion Studio software.

  • Simplified tools and functions to draw, modify and adjust designs.
  • Easy to use working area, with zoom, measuring and design tools.
  • Arrange and organise your designs in layers.
  • Work on multiple designs simultaneously.
  • Create your own style library.
  • Import EPS files and many images (jpg, gif, png, bmp, pcx, and more).
  • Imports files from most competitor CAD software.
  • Print.
  • Scan designs and images.
  • Creative design
  • Virtual Fitting
  • Technical Drawing
  • Fit fabric design
  • Build-in help and ready examples.